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We offer many services to help you build your Spiritual growth as a believer. Have a look at some of our offers below.

Baptisms (Water & Holy Spirit

We do provide correct water baptism in line with the scriptures. any one is welcome to register for water baptism with our team. We regard highly the baptism of water as one’s identity in Christ. More importantly is the baptism of the Holy Spirit through teachings and through the laying of hands as the apostles did to believers in the New Testament in Acts 8:17, Acts 19-1-6. We believe that if one is baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit, he or she will speak with new tongues. Anyone can be baptized in the Holy Spirit. Anyone can speak with new tongues. you don’t have to keep seeing it from far away now, it can happen to you any day you want.


We offer effective Word of God based counselling services. We have both professional counsellors and mature Ministers to help with marriage, divorces, financial, debt, spiritual and many other socio-economic challenges that people can find themselves in. We also have counselling and mentorship lessons for young couples who have just been married and those planning to marry. We help resolve family conflicts as well. Yes, we believe we can do anything through Christ who gives us strength. (Philippians 4:13)


Through relevant organs of the ministry, we discover disadvantaged members and try to help them to achieve their dreams by either sending them back to convectional training facilities or by our in-house training programs. People get trained in various programs to help them make a living on their own. Some are trained on entrepreneurial skills to help them start and run small projects to help their families. We believe that the first empowerment anyone needs is that of salvation (Being Born-again). This is God’s part. No human being can do this to anyone. It is the work of the Holy Spirit. After a person is born-again, he or she can be helped to change his or her life through biblical teachings and skills training.


We seek to embark and establish numerous missions especially across the rural Africa which we feel is under evangelized. We are believing God for materials, finances and equipment to make this dream a reality. We have developed Missionaries and Ministers that are ready to go and are awaiting deployment in any part of the world at large and Africa in particular.

Mentorship For Practical Ministry

We mentor, train and equip Ministers for practical ministry. We identify talent and desire within individuals and help them achieve their ministerial destiny. Opportunities to go on missions and to execute what one has been assigned to do.


We believe that it is God’s power that set us free from the grip of satan. There is no better deliverance than what happened to us at our new birth when we got born again. Colossians 1:13. However, we believe in casting and driving out demons, evil spirits, information, infirmities and sicknesses. if anyone is being tormented by the evil spirits, he or she is welcome, for we drive out evil spirits without hesitation.

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